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  • Channel 4 : The Sexperience 1000
  • Orange : Balloonacy
  • McDonald's : Flashback booth
  • HTC : Cha Cha - Push It!

About Us


Lingobee have been creating cutting edge digital experiences since 2007. From responsive websites and Facebook applications, to physical installations and offline software tools we have a proven track record of delivering award winning work of the highest standard.


We are lucky to work with some of the best Digital and Advertising agencies in the industry. We strive for long term collaborations with creative teams where we can get involved early in the project lifecycle and help create the best solution possible.


Our expertise and skillset is constantly evolving. From front end development skills such as HTML5, CSS, Javascript and Flash, to backend expertise deploying robust scaleable platforms we aim to always recommend the best tools for the job.


A structured process is key to the success of a project. As no two projects are alike we aim to be flexible but thorough, outlining clear milestones and deliveries from all parties.



8 Elder Street London. E1 6BT See on maps.google.com
lingoBee office